Work with Me

Thank you for your interest in working with me! Feel free to check out my print-ready resume for a quick overview of my experience.

I have worked with an array of clients, such as secondary education teachers, university professors, graduate students, writers, attorneys, and more. My work on projects includes editing and writing website copy, academic papers for journal submission, legal documents, business proposals, and/or email marketing material, as well as editing cover letters and resumes. I have also edited and helped revise academic papers in a range of subjects for the past eight years. My joy is to help others with any and all writing projects. Below you can find testimonials from some of my previous clients or colleagues.

Send an email to with some information about yourself and your project. My rates vary depending on the project and type of work. I look forward to collaborating with you!



“Alexandra is a tremendously talented editor. I have known her for nearly a decade, during which time she has assisted me in reviewing a number of documents I have drafted. Particularly, Alexandra was a great help in my efforts to draft an effective and persuasive cover letter after my first year of law school. Anyone could benefit from having Alexandra review their writing with her keen eye and command over the English language.”  – Ian G., J.D.

“Alexandra is a natural leader and intuitive team member — a go-getter with a great sense of humor and enormous kindness. We co-taught, crafted curriculum, and coordinated programs together for two years. In each of these projects, Alexandra was an attentive listener and offered necessary insight to the conversation, paying close attention to details and considering various points of view. Her professionalism and goal-oriented approach has inspired me to be proactive about my projects, both personal and professional, and she is always happy to offer her thoughts and support. I’m so thankful that we’ve become friends through our work together.” Hannah B., Creative Writing Instructor 

As a busy NYC teacher, who is also taking college courses after my teaching day is over, I have been grateful for Alexandra’s help. I have used her as an editor for all of my academic courses, as well as for the cover letter I used to apply to my now current job. This past fall, my classes required an essay every week, and Alexandra was the right person to review my work. She gave me specific feedback, asking questions to push my thinking, and she motivated me to dig deeper by encouraging me with positive comments. Afterward, I began receiving A grades on these papers. Alexandra was accommodating and timely, aware of my busy schedule and fast-paced classes. I wanted someone who I felt was appropriate, knowledgeable, and helpful. She exceeded my expectations.” Catherine C., DOE Special Education Teacher