About my work

photo credit: http://www.julesandfilm.com

I am a PR and marketing consultant for podcasters with a background as a writer, editor, educator, and the executive producer & host of the podcast The Pod Broads: A Podcast About Women in Podcasting. While this sounds like many varied positions, I find that they all boil down to a couple key elements: at heart, I am a storyteller and researcher obsessed with analyzing and sharing stories that people will connect to and learn from. Current and past clients include nj.com’s chart topping true crime podcast Father Wants Us Dead (4.9M+ downloads), award-winning indie podcast Future Hindsight, Spotify Original You Heard Me Write, and more. If you need help growing your podcast and getting it noticed (or just want to learn more about my work and platform), visit POD.DRALAND’s website here.

POD.DRALAND, this platform and now company, is where it all started. I began by recommending and featuring women-hosted podcasts on my website and social media. From there, I created The Pod Broads and have been able to highlight the work and life of many different, amazing women in the industry. I’ve been named a “typical misandrist American feminist” by trolls on the internet who don’t like that I center women in my work. And, to this day, POD.DRALAND’s mission remains to amplify a variety of women’s voices in podcasting and to provide a space for people to come to listen to women and connect with others committed to doing the same.

When I’m not doing all my podcast related things, you can often find me asking my cat, Zuko, “Are you a cute baby?” for the millionth time.