About me

I am a writer, editor, educator, and the executive producer & host of the podcast The Pod Broads: A Podcast About Women in Podcasting. While this sounds like many varied positions, I find that they all boil down to a couple key elements: at heart, I am a storyteller and researcher obsessed with analyzing and sharing stories that people will connect to and learn from.

I extend this intention and experience to the needs of others, as well: providing write ups for other publications, editing another’s written work, or helping podcasters identify their brand voice and increase their audience through podcast PR and social media strategy services. Find out more about my work here.

Below, you will find a brief intro into my main project, POD.DRALAND, where I recommend and feature women-hosted podcasts. Depending on your device, be sure to hover over or click the image to access any links and additional information.

More about me here.

Read more about my reflections on unconditional love and the self. My writing often interrogates the mental and emotional health of myself and others.

This mentality deeply impacts the way that I approach both my personal and professional life. Read more.


Where I recommend and feature women-hosted podcasts. This space is specifically designed to amplify a variety of women’s voices and provide a space for people to come to listen to women and connect with others committed to doing the same.


POD.DRALAND offers stickers, tote bags, and beanies.

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