cropped-picture-for-portfolio-1.jpgHi, there. Thank you for visiting my page! I hope you will stay a while and explore. Here’s a bit about myself and my work:

I am an academic and creative writer who is currently an MA English Literature candidate. I have previously taught composition courses as an adjunct lecturer at The City College of New York, and I currently teach creative and essay writing workshops at a literacy nonprofit. In my own writing, I focus on nonfiction and short stories. I am most interested in exploring stories about sexual trauma and anxiety and how they can affect relationships both with the self and with others. My fiction can be read in Luna Luna Magazine. I have also contributed to an education blog, New York School Talk, where I share my experiences and thoughts as an instructor to kids and teens from all over New York City. I am the founder and editor-in-chief of a blog called POD.DRALAND that provides weekly women-led podcast episode recommendations for creatives, side hustlers, entrepreneurs, and more. Each episode is hosted by a woman and each interviewee is a woman. I was also recently interviewed on the Imperfectly Phenomenal Woman podcast about the Me Too movement, how it still needs to grow, and how we need to change the language in our discourse around it.

In my academic work, I am deepening my research on twentieth-century American literature and modernist literature through critical race theory, trauma theory, narratives of illness, and feminist theory. I began thinking about medical humanities while reading Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles, and after studying Tony Kushner’s Angels in America and Colson Whitehead’s Zone One, I understood how all of these critical lenses relate. One recent project, an analysis of Richard Wright’s novella “The Man Who Lived Underground,” applies theories on historical trauma and the rhetoric of animalism and manhunts to the African American consciousness and society as a whole.

Truthfully, I would rather not so severely distinguish between the creative and the academic, though in the professional world they tend to exist in separate realms. I find both to be fun, significant, and simply another form to explore what is important to me and hopefully to others. Both are like a puzzle, except I first paint the separate pieces and then combine them all to create a beautiful image. Welcome to my pack of puzzles.