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You don’t have to have a huge platform to have something important to say or for other people to need to hear it.

~Alexandra Cohl


Mochi Magazine

April Resource Roundup: 5 Black Women-Hosted Podcasts to Listen to April 26, 2021

JSR Associates, Inc.

Person-Centered Care for Residential Assisted Living in Practice  February 17, 2021. 

Person-Centered Care for Residential Assisted Living Design January 27, 2021.

Innovation, Design, and the Impact on Community Building January 13, 2021.

A Different Perspective of Life’s Most Meaningful Parts November 23, 2020.

How Issues with the U.S. Postal Service Causes Angst for Elders October 22, 2020.

People, Place, and Vital Relationships October 1, 2020.

Can we apply “Pandemic Pods” to Senior Living? August 27, 2020.

Imperfectly Phenomenal Woman

Six Ways You Can Support a Loved One Who is a Survivor of Sexual Abuse November 1, 2020.

The Wave Podcasting

Five Podcasts Making the World a Better Place (even if that’s not what they say they are doing) April 3, 2020.

How Podcasts Helped Me Learn About Money March 26, 2020.

How to Overcome Your Podcasting Fears March 12, 2020.

Feeling Afraid of Starting Your Podcast? Don’t Worry, You Aren’t Alone March 5, 2020.

CUNY Academic Works

Reframing as Reclamation: Trauma Theory, African Spiritualism, and Ecocriticism in Jesmyn Ward’s Sing, Unburied, Sing City College of New York, 2019. 

New York School Talk

A Teacher Wonders, “Am I Repressing My Students’ Voices?” June 26, 2018.

Why Do I #LoveTeaching? It’s Complicated! February 27, 2018.

Encouraging the Absurd or Uncomfortable: The Power of Validating Student Ideas February 9, 2018.


Quoting Yourself with Alexandra Coh‪l‬ on The Best Advice Show, February 24, 2021.

Episode 265: Alexandra Cohl Talks About Pod.Dralan‪d‬ on Mitchell Report Unleashed Podcast, January 17, 2021.

Pod.Draland on The Katie Black Show, Dec 18, 2020. 

Ep. 38 “Different seasons of dating” with Alexandra from Poddraland on Dating Talk with Kealy, November 13, 2020.

The Election Feel‪s‬ on OwnYourStories, October 31, 2020.  

w. Alexandra – Love, Dating, and Mental Health Healing on Deliberdating, August 29, 2020.

480 – Women in Podcasting on The People of Home, May 26, 2020.

#070 – Reframing the Narrative w/ Alexandra Cohl on My Wax Museum with Alex Williamns, May 26, 2020.

With Alexandra Cohl… {75} on The Collective Podcast, April 29, 2020.

Me Too: You Can(‘t) Tell Your Story on Imperfectly Phenomenal Woman, September 25, 2019.


From Where She Watches Luna Luna Magazine, August 1, 2016.

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