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The Teaching of Composition and Literature

In the fall of 2017, I completed The Teaching of Composition and Literature course at City College with Dr. Tom Peele. In the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019, I taught as an adjunct lecturer at City College within the Freshman Inquiry Writing Seminar special courses program. For the writing section of Love and Society in 19th Century Russian Literature, I created the following syllabus: Freshman Year Composition Syllabus


Bridging the Gap Between Creative and Essay Writing in ELA

I spearheaded the creation of the syllabus for this professional development course for teachers in grades 3-12. I also led the application process to the DOE After School Professional Development Program (ASPDP) for this course. During my time as a program developer at Writopia Lab, a literacy nonprofit, this course was continually accepted for renewal at ASPDP. I also co-taught this course in the fall of 2017 and spring of 2018. Course Listing on ASPDP

Creative Writing and Essay Writing

Since the summer of 2014, I have worked at Writopia Lab as a creative writing and essay writing instructor. I began as a creative writing intern for three months and then transitioned quickly from assistant instructor to full-time instructor and program developer. For four years, I taught in an offsite workshop at P.S. 276, leading workshops in class sizes of 26-30 students between the ages 7 to 12. Now, I primarily focus on creative writing workshops, as well as creative and essay writing one-on-one sessions when I am not teaching at City College. In these workshops, I instruct and mentor between three and eight writers on a weekly basis. Writers I mentored have received Scholastic Award recognition and have had their plays selected for production in Writopia Lab’s Worldwide Plays Festival.